Essence of Courage

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This first volume in a series of inspirational collections for women will take you on a journey of adventure and exploration in a secret place. Discover the key to Solomon’s locked garden. Breathe in the fragrant aromas, and gather the spices and essential oils of an abundant harvest as he attributes their essences to the woman he has chosen as his bride.

• You’ll uncover the fruit of the Spirit when you cultivate them in your heart.
• You’ll focus on women of the Bible whose lives reflect the fruit.
• In spite of everyday messiness and challenges of life, Cinnamah-Brosia and her friends (you’ll meet them on the pages of this book, too) courageously use these essences to season the world around them with an overflowing measure of Jesus.
• You’ll find fun facts about the spices and essential oils, along with ways for you to enjoy incorporating reminders of the fruit they represent into your life.

Grab a cup of coffee, along with some friends, and come find courage to face life with gusto.

Reading Lynn Watson’s devotions is almost like a spa day. Her expertise and unique approach bring relaxation and renewal to the spirit and the body.
   ~~Johnnie Alexander, Award-winning author, Where Treasure Hides, Where She Belongs, When Love Arrives

Before reading The Essence of Courage I never ever saw the connection between the fruit of the spirit and Proverbs 31, and certainly not real fruit/essential oils! This has indeed been enlightening in a fun, fragrant, and fruitful way. Definitely made me ponder the connections and thank God for how He so masterfully connects EVERYTHING He does with such intentionality.
Cinnamah-Brosia is real, she’s been tested, she has been blessed by the wisdom and love of her grandmother, who both taught and modeled biblical truths. She shares her own wisdom and love, embodies the Proverbs 31 woman, and is maturing into a Titus 2 woman!

   ~~Karen Spencer, Titus 2 Women’s Ministry, Renewal Church, Memphis, Tennessee
I LOVE this book. I’m stunned at Lynn’s creativity and knowledge. It is one of the most unique books I’ve had the privilege to read. It’s so fresh, interesting, captivating, and inspired.
   ~~Jeanne Newberry, Pastor’s Wife, Bellevue Arlington, Satellite church of Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, Tennessee
I am on Thanksgiving break this week, and I am visiting my in-laws in Kentucky on their 150 acres of land. It is so beautiful here, and I have treasured my quiet time with my coffee, reading the book and enjoying the beautiful sites around me. I loved the Essence Droplets. Lynn shared a lot of fun activities and great information. During that part of the book, I felt like I was reading an Experimental Devotional. Lynn is an incredibly gifted writer. I’m so grateful that she chose me as one of her early readers.
   ~~Jennifer Cavitt, Bartlett, Tennessee
I really like the book. It is very different, easy to read and it does draw me in. Also, the cover, I love. I would definitely recommend it and give it as a gift.
   ~~Sammy Gordy, Women’s Ministry Assistant, First West Church, West Monroe, Louisiana
This book is definitely for those of us who desire to go to a deeper level in our walk with Chirst. How the author intertwines the “essence” of oils with the fruit of the Spirit, and connects Galatians 5 with Proverbs 31 is incredibly amazing! I can’t wait to sit down with Jesus and a group of women and dig into our “locked gardens!”
   ~~Joyce Letcher, Bible study leader, retired nurse, Boise, Idaho
LOVE THIS DEVOTIONAL!!! This is the FIRST time my daughter actually wants to do a study with me, and I cannot say thank you enough for that.
   ~~Noelle Norton, Home School Mom
I’ve only begun to read this morning and I’m already all in!!! Lynn!!! Thank you for saying ‘Yes!’ to this God moment idea given you.
   ~~Sharron Baker, Bartlett, Tennessee
There are your bible studies, lectures, groups, homework… And then there is The Essence of Courage…!  Kitchen tables and coffee and wonderful scents wafting thru the warmth of all your best friends talking and sharing their hearts. Everyone comes away with the courage that comes from experiencing the depths of God’s love in His word and in all our lives. 
   ~~Robin Mokry, die-hard avoider of women’s groups | Boise, Idaho