Hot Chocolate, Dark Roast, Whipping Cream – ALL in One Cup

Here at The Coffee Cottage we are always on the lookout for indulgent and tasty treats and beverages for our guests. We spend just a little time on Pinterest. (Insert smiley face here.) Many guests enjoy their coffee black, while many others anticipate our next concoction. Adding a little chocolate to anything can only be a good thing, right? We went looking for a recipe combining to of our favorite hot drinks: dark roast coffee and hot chocolate. Added confectioners sugar and whipping cream – well, we will let you decide. We’re ecstatic to share this recipe with you. From Sugar and Soul Co. we introduce you to Rich Hot Chocolate Coffee Drink. It’s our Daily Delight in our latest inspirational collection: The Essence of Joy: Filling Your Heart with the Aromas of Jesus’ Nativity.

Copyright 2017, Lynn U. Watson



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