“The Essence of Courage” Book Cover and Contest Winner Revealed

bookcover2“The Essence of Courage” officially has a front cover. Thank you to everyone who participated. There were great comments about both, and lots of you liked each of them. This is the one. With a deadline date quickly approaching, we’re very excited about every big and little step completed. Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun this week. And the winner of the coloring book, The Colors of God’s Peace at Christmas (20 Scripture Postcards) and the sweet gingerbread ornament go to Sharron Baker.

The cover illustration is the work of the very talented Allisha Mokry. She’s hung in there with me for months as Cinnamah-Brosia’s character and look has evolved more than a few times. Thank you so much, Allisha, that you’ve brought her to life in a way that invites readers in to discover the fruit of the Spirit in the spices and essential oils of Solomon’s locked garden, to meet women in the Bible who display that fruit, and to share a cup of coffee and stories of the essence of courage in her life and the life of her friends.

The link to the coloring book is an affiliate link.
For anyone writing a book that needs illustration(s), email me and I will put you in touch with Allisha.
Cover design is by Watson Design.

Copyright 2016, Lynn U. Watson (including cover art and illustration)

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