Digging for Essence in God’s Word

bike-enjoyIt’s the most popular form of transportation in the world. Bicycles are eco-friendly, simplistic and require relatively little maintenance. Some small towns are being revived as bicycling destinations. And I’ve just discovered a town in South Carolina that doesn’t allow motorized vehicles. We’ve located coffee shops and cafes catering to bicyclists, some providing repair services. You won’t find bicycle service on our menu board, but Lynn and I do love riding our bikes.

Gloria, is Lynn’s tangerine cruiser. My 2-wheeler is bright red, of course, but has no name. (Maybe we should have a contest to name her.) We would love for you to join us. Let’s grab a cup of joe, and get rolling. Traveling in the open air we breathe in inspiration from God’s creation all around us. Traveling with friends only enhances the experience.

I’m imagining pedaling through small picturesque towns along streets lined with fragrant flowers and tunnels of tree canopies. Or a winding lightly traveled country road through a blaze of fall foliage and the scent of the interspersed pines.

Lynn’s devotional is all about the essences that surround us, and the fruit and aromas they spread into our lives. We’ll be digging in the soil of God’s Word, and finding courage to allow the Holy Spirit to cultivate His Fruit in our lives. We have many adventures ahead.

UPDATE: The first draft of “The Essence of Courage” is in revision right now, being readied for professional editing.

Copyright 2016, Lynn U. Watson

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