Happy Thanksgiving! Just Like Cinnamah-Brosia’s Coffee Cottage

When our small group met together last week we created these adorable snowmen and enjoyed each other’s company before heading into the holiday season. One member shared with m later, “I felt like we were at C-B’s Coffee Cottage.” How sweet a sentiment, but was it really true?

This friend’s health challenges keep her from eating almost everything. One thing she can eat is fruit. The day we met she arrived at another year milestone of life. How do you celebrate a birthday with someone who can’t eat cake? I brought apples, arranged them on a plate, made slits in the top for candles, we lit them and sang happy birthday! She blew out every candle, so thankful for the thoughtful birthday treat. Her wish: my kitty would find her way home that evening.

You see, Jasmine often plays outside, but she comes running for food and comforts of home when she’s called. It was dark, I needed to leave for the gathering, I had looked and called for 30 minutes or more to no avail. I was obviously distressed. Our granddaughter was, too, as she left for basketball practice. Lots of prayers (and maybe the birthday wish) later, my husband let me know she finally found her way to the back door. Emmy (granddaughter) and I were both relieved. Our group held another reason to give thanks.

Two of the ladies teenage sons gave them ‘reason for concern’ that evening. You could see steam rising as they checked their cell phones often. Those of us who survived those years encouraged the ones facing the challenges. The birthday girl and her friend prepped this wonderful craft. We gathered and shared and found gratefulness in friendship and time together, knowing God had ALL our challenges worked out even when we couldn’t see them.

I believe hers was an excellent assessment. It was more than a bit like the love shared at Cinnamah-Brosia’ Coffee Cottage in both The Essence of Joy and The Essence of Courage.

Where and when have you experienced connections with friends like those made at the Coffee Cottage? Be extra grateful for the moments as we celebrate our Thanksgiving Holiday.

“O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good. His mercy endures forever.” ~Psalm 118:1

Copyright 2017, Lynn U. Watson


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