Humbly Delicious Lavender-Lemon Loaves

I’ve resurrected this post for your Resurrection Celebration this week! Lemon seems to fit the season perfectly. This is a different link to the recipe than I previously shared. That link disappeared from the internet. This one sounds just as scrumptious.

Several years ago I baked bread to help finance my trip to El Salvador to visit two of my Compassion sponsored children. Lemon bread was an absolute favorite!

In my humble opinion, adding lavender to the recipe only ups the tasty treat’s appeal. Another ingredient my bread lacked is Greek yogurt, which adds even more moistness and flavor. For the recipe, I’m steering you to bake it in a loaf pan rather than as pictured here. A small difference, you’ll agree. Count on the big taste however you choose to shape it.

Find the recipe for Lavender Lemon Bread right here at Emily Fabulous.

This recipe is mentioned in The Essence of Humility: Live and Love Like Jesus.



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