National Coffee Day Greetings from CB’s Coffee Cottage

coffee-870177_640 Happy National Coffee Day! Obviously, God created coffee, and grew it in His garden! Wonder which coffee brand we serve at The Coffee Cottage? Here’s our secret. We serve Just Love Coffee. Loving coffee is what Just Love does best! Gathered from around the world; perfectly roasted; fair trade; and we love their heart to support adoptions, missions, and other awesome causes.

Discriminating coffee drinkers wishing to purchase wonderful coffee while supporting others, they offer you suggestions to choose from of those who would love to benefit from your coffee drinking pleasures. Those of you raising funds for your mission trip, adoption, and similar events, Just Love Coffee provides a great tool.

Neither The Coffee Cottage or Lynn are being paid to pass along this coffee tip. We just love their coffee and believe you would, too. By the way, our favorite is African Skies.

Copyright 2016, Lynn U. Watson

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