Reflection and Reflexion – Speaking Up for Life and for the Unborn

I’m passionately Pro-Life! My profession is reflexology. It’s another of my passions, and it’s a calling. Within the art and science of reflexology, reflexologists see the whole body as a mirror-image mapped on the foot. The reflexology link above takes you to my website where you can learn more about that.

I earned an additional certification in Maternity Reflexology. Amazing changes in the mom’s foot from the very beginning of the pregnancy through its progression to birth of the child are visibly seen and touched. It was a privilege to study this under Suzanne Enzer, a gifted teacher, midwife, and reflexologist from the United Kingdom. Four intense days of study with Suzanne and many written or creatively presented assignments were required to earn this. I even made a quilt for one of them!

Because I am a writer, I became literarily creative for one of the assignments. I began with some quotes and the reason they had been included. The assignment finished with a poem about the incoming soul. I believe the story speaks for itself and the beauty and value of every life from conception to his/her final journey home.

“It took the whole of creation to produce my foot, my each feather: Now I hold creation in my foot.” — Ted Hughes

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” — Leonardo DaVinci

“You are the one who put me together inside my mother’s body, and I praise you because of the wonderful way you created me. Everything you do is marvelous! Of this I have no doubt.”–Psalm 139:13-14

These beautiful quotes so perfectly tell the story. It is amazing for the feet I’ve been privileged to hold and nurture, I’ve held and nurtured God’s Marvelous Creation. With every organ, gland, and part of the body present along with all the energy of its Creator in the masterpiece of the human foot, I’ve often felt, but I am so want of words to so perfectly articulate the truth of literally holding Creation in the palm of my hand. It is God’s marvelous deed. Of this I absolutely have no doubt. To hold the feet of the woman found abounding with the life of a brand new incoming soul upon her sole is exponentially wonderful and most miraculous!

– And here is the poem –

And Soles’ reflexions give ponder of
Incoming Soul’s reflection

Incoming Soul’s arrival heralds joy
The beauty of Creation seen in the form of Infant Masterpiece
While reflections on Mom’s feet
of where tiny incoming soul was seated
Have diminished readily with the miracle of birth
There is a need for sustenance now,
And the message has been sent —
Prepare the breasts to feed.
Changes in this tissue view
Enlarged in their reflection upon Mom’s feet, too.

And Soles’ reflexions give ponder of
Incoming Soul’s reflection

And I’ve known this tiny one
As I’ve held incoming soul’s reflection
When I’ve held the feet of the one
Who has carried tiny one through to arrival
In this place of human habitation.
Incoming Soul a part of the Miraculous Creation —
Incoming Soul’s feet will carry Creation within
Through the journey of the earthly life
Until Creator calls, as He does each,
This soul to once again come Home.

And Soles’ reflexions give ponder of
Incoming Soul’s reflection

Copyright 2007, 2019, Lynn U. Watson

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