“The Essence of Courage” Shares BIG News!

cbsign-in-colorsHello Coffee Lovers — Tea Lovers & Hot Chocolate Lovers, too,

Please celebrate with us! “The Essence of Courage” is officially under contract now — the first volume in Cinnamah-Brosia’s™ Inspirational Collection, and we’re smiling ear to ear. Crafted for my coffee cottage, the sign gives the series recognition for you the reader, and reveals the identity behind my initials. Yes, my name has a story. I bet you already guessed that, didn’t you?

My childhood was a really tough one. Gram and Gramps were my rocks. She prayed the name as a blessing over me, Cinnamon Amber Porter, when I was three years old. The suffix “ah” in Hebrew means “of God.” Cinnamon representing goodness, Gram reinvented the name and trusted she would witness a harvest of the goodness of God in my life. I requested her ‘brosia everyday of my summer visits. Ambrosia is full of fruit, a reminder of the Fruit of the Spirit. The name is a mouthful, I know, but she put the two words together. Others found ways to shorten it, but to Gram and Gramps I was always Cinnamah-Brosia™. I really do love all that it meant to them.

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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!
Cinnamah-Brosia™ (with Lynn)

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