Coffee, Friends, and Courage

cottageWhat draws you into your local java spot? Is it the coffee, the well-known brand, the ambiance, or the great friends you hang with there? Imagine yourself spotting a little cottage like this one with a sign letting you know coffee is served and the door is open. Describe your thoughts and expectations. Inhale the aromas that may greet you. Paint a word picture of what you believe will be inside. Prepare your taste buds for the goodies served. Consider the characters you might meet.

Lynn and I have loved the look of this little cottage. What an inspiration as “The Essence of Courage” came to life, and the perfect place for friends to share a latte’ or a spot o’ tea along with their joys and sorrows and fears. A place to learn from each other and from flesh and blood women on the pages of the Bible who needed Godly courage to walk through their ups and downs of life, too. We’ll be revealing more and more about The Essence of Courage, our friends, essential oils, spices, fruits, our favorite goodies, and our stories in the next few weeks. Our excitement grows daily for all the new friends stopping by. Praying you are one of them. Your thoughts are so important to us. Thank you for sharing in the comments below your visions in response to the prompts we posed above.

See you soon,

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Note: The above photo was first pinned to a private Pinterest board and then moved to “The Essence of Courage” board. Previous pinners pinned it from Tumblr. I believe it originally appeared on HOME & GARDEN blog. If there is a copyright on it beyond that, I am unaware. It has served as inspiration only. We imagine Miss Dot’s Cafe and The Coffee Cottage in our book to have a similar feel.

Copyright 2016, Lynn U. Watson

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