Welcome to Our Garden

doors-211752_640Welcome! Come on in to our garden. The gate’s unlocked, and I’m excited to welcome you. Fresh fruit seasoned with love and spicy essences fills the space. Did you catch the aromas as you were walking up? There is so much to show you here, and so many scents and flavors to discover.

First, I’ll introduce myself, but only by my initials today. For now you may call me C-‘B.  Lynn’s working on our devotional. Hidden gems of scent and flavor are concealed in Scripture — some discovered in a garden like ours. She’s cultivating those treasures, and preparing to offer them to you this fall. Until then, let’s get to be friends.

This garden has been locked for a season, but it’s special and we love to share. There’s a cottage back here, too. Craftsmen are renovating it for us now. It’ll be so warm and inviting again when they finish, and I’ll be the happy proprietor of our Coffee Cottage and Gift Shop. We’ll be serving all these flavors and aromas in some amazing ways. With its casual friendly atmosphere, it’s a place we pray you’ll choose to hang out often.

As the earth lets its new plants grow, and as a garden causes the things planted in it to grow, in the same way, the Lord God will cause what is right and good and words of praise to grow up in front of all the nations. ~~Isaiah 61:11 (NLT)

Copyright 2016, Lynn U. Watson

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