Yay! Kudos for The Essence of Humility

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The Essence of Humility (via Celebrate Lit) toured 20 blogs over the last two weeks! Each of the bloggers spent their time reading and reviewing the book. How humbling. And they left so many great comments. A few are shared below. If I included all the kudos, the post would be a bit long. You probably would not read it all.

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“This author has a clever way of creating a detail-rich blend of fictional characters, her personal recollections, Bible characters and stories, and a wealth of information about each of the nine featured essential oils, spice, fruit, or plant . . . The author’s creativity and depth of research make these especially memorable experiences. These are, however, books to be sipped and savored, certainly not gulped quickly. Enjoy!” ~Jennifer ~ CarpeDiem

“I truly enjoyed The Essence of Humility and I found it to be entertaining, thought-provoking and very inspirational. This is a very different kind of devotional book but it is one that I plan to use over and over!” ~Connie Porter Saunders at Older & Smarter?

This is not your average devotional or Bible study that the reader may find “dry” this one is very interesting and the reader will learn as they read through. The lessons will help you stretch and grow in the Lord. Some will truly make you stop and think. I know that we can all learn more about humility and being humble. ~Mary Ann at Godly Book Reviews

“The biblical application is very sound and consistent throughout the book. Each chapter ends with “Fun Facts” about the aromatherapy fruit, oil, or spice. You will likely learn some things you did not know. And the “Your Turn” at the end gives you ideas on how to incorporate that chapter’s fruit, oil, or spice into your life.” ~Shirley Crowder at Through the Lens of Scripture

“Cinnamah-Brosia and her coffee shop are back for another round of sharing stories and insights, information about plants found in the Bible, recipes, and more. The focus behind the story is humility. You feel like you’re part of the intimate group of friends as their lives intertwine. The author based the fictionalized events on actual happenings in her own life and those she knows, so they definitely seem authentic. The characters aren’t so well-developed because, except for the main one, we don’t see them in action much in order to connect emotionally.” ~Mary Ann Hake for Celebrate Lit Community Forum

The Essence of Humility by Lynn U. Watson is the third book in the (Cinnamah-Brosia’s Inspirational Collection for Women”) and it is my favorite of the three.” ~Debbie Curto, Debbie’s Dusty Deliberations

Time to read the book. Available from most all booksellers in paperback and most ebook formats. Here’s the Amazon Link: The Essence of Humility: Live and Love Like Jesus




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