You’re Invited: Join Cinnamah-Brosia’s Coffee Caboodle (Street Team) Today

Jesus has a “street team.” The inner circle of just twelve. And then the 70 He sent, and then thousands more lives touched. Exponential growth continued. As Christ followers we carry the responsibility of continuing to share the Good News.

The thought that Jesus has a street team struck me as I pondered this post about the creation of one for Cinnamah-Brosia’s Inspirational Collection: The Essence of Courage, and the upcoming The Essence of Joy, and The Essence of Love. I’ve joined the street teams for other authors, and recognize the great partnerships created. Fully acknowledging and confessing ALL of us fall far short of being God, we learn much from following His examples. His street team had responsibilities and rewards and were successful in spreading the Word.

  • Jesus shared many important teachings with his disciples first. Many of His teachings were presented through stories.
  • Word spread quickly about the Prophet and Teacher. Each disciple telling even a few friends about one act of Jesus, and the message went viral. I’m thinking forerunners of social media here.
  • The disciples actively participated with Jesus in events both small and large.
  • Opportunities to get to know Jesus up close and personal abounded.
  • Jesus prayed for His disciples and for us.
  • We’ve heard the Good News because the inner circle was eager to share. The greatest networking plan ever has spanned the ages.
  • Accepting, believing, and trusting Jesus as Lord and Savior, they (and you and I) receive the promise of eternal life with the BFF anyone could ever dream of.

Looking back at the list of activities and rewards I prepared for Cinnamah-Brosia’s Coffee Caboodle, I do see similarities. None were intentional, but I do believe this is why street teams are effective.

It took nearly 300 words to set the stage for this invitation. As part of Cinnamah-Brosia’s Coffee Caboodle here’s what you can expect:

  • You’ll become part of a very special Facebook group that only members can even find. (The inner circle)
  • You’ll be the first to know what exciting adventures “C-B” has planned — Some I don’t think she has even told me about yet.
  • “C-B” and friends stories in the books are fictionalized stories from real women. You’ll be invited to share your own stories to be incorporated in future volumes.
  • You’ll be invited to be early readers as the next volumes become available, and able to leave early reviews on GoodReads and reviews on Amazon on release day.
  • You’ll be encouraged to look for opportunities to share with your circle of influence.
  • Cinnamah-Brosia will be providing lots of incentives/rewards for you to share The Essence of Courage and upcoming books with everyone you know.
  • We’ll be praying for you by name.

Cinnamah-Brosia and I would both be honored for you to join our inner circle, partnering with us to share these Biblically-based messages of Courage, Joy, and Love. You may do that by completing this google form. Who knows, what you share may just go viral!!!

Copyright 2017, Lynn U. Watson

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