Changes in My Kitchen and in My Writing World

Projects just seem to take longer these days. Supply chain issues. Delivery challenges. Difficult to know what you’ll get from an online picture. So, our summer went. We started in late May and Autumn is officially just a week away. We are close to finished. Close enough, I’m sharing a few before and after photos.

We started with what was an update 21 years ago. The countertops were the first thing to go. When the doors came off the cabinets to paint them, our kitty became very anxious about the whole matter. (More on that below). But first I’ll share the new colors of the cabinets. Yes, we painted all those solid maple doors.










That left us with a strangely checkered backsplash that was super-stuck to the wall and another decision. Did we tear it out, do a major patch job on the wallboard and retile, or try painting it? I had my doubts on the last idea there but went to it with my handy paint brush and basic primer. Voila! (Try to ignore the uncovered outlets.)






We started chasing all the yellow and orange away.  I miss the Bible verse on the wall though.

We didn’t get far with the fun beadboard wallpaper when Ms. Jasmine decided to take out her anxiety on those walls. This amazingly well-behaved five-year-old cat — the one I could go off and leave have run of the house without ever a worry — decided she liked or disliked (depending on how you look at it) that beadboard paper. We have put this one strip up four times!!! Fortunately, the piece is just over a foot high. We’ve taken action to prevent further interference, but I don’t believe I’ll trust her alone in the kitchen ever again.






The wallpaper I chose that would replace all the yellow walls was actually the very first decision I made, but it was the last thing to arrive. So we’ve just completed that part of the transformation. Yes, that is aluminum foil on the floor to deter the kitty. And I still need new lighting. The table often doubles as my office. It’s quite a lovely view from out the picture window.

One more thing happened during this process. Somewhere between the countertops and the print wallpaper. Most of you have seen this picture, so you know the yellow walls were very much still there. Scroll down just a bit further to view that special picture again.

Doors are usually part of any room transformation. This quote was shared from the recent American Christian Fiction Writers Conference (ACFW) and attributed to Liz Curtis Higgs. There’s so much truth in it.


“Unless God opens the door, it ain’t happening. If He does open it, you better walk through it!”

While my kitchen was receiving an update, my life did too.  I’ve walked through a big door, and I’m excited to see what plans the Lord has for my life in this next season and how He will use my writing to bring glory to Him. 


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