Mystery Time: Which Bible Characters Acted as Private Detectives?

Last customers at the Coffee Cottage gone for the day, Jane and I tore into the eagerly anticipated package. Expecting early sample copies of “The Essence of Courage,” imagine our surprise when we found five copies of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” with publishing company advertising on the covers. Through a little sleuthing of our own, we discovered the order mistakenly placed for publisher samples rather than samples of our own book. A misleading road we had been on, only to learn they were non-returnable/non-refundable to boot! Yep! We let our agitation show; a little repentance required before we decided to turn this into fun!

“Jane, were there any detectives in the Bible?”

“Hmmm…. I’ve heard a few people praise King Solomon’s detective work when faced with the question of ‘Who was that baby’s real mom, anyway?’ (1 Kings 3:16-28)

“Cinnamah-Brosia, with five of these books sitting here ready to gather dust or find their way to the Baker Street trash bin, let’s host a giveaway on the blog. What fun for our readers to suggest characters in the Bible who may have had some excellent investigative skills: private detectives, if you will.”

“Great idea, Jane. We will randomly choose five of those who comment to receive a copy of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.”

So, here we go, Readers:
1. Who do you nominate as detectives in the Bible?
2. Why did you choose that person?
3. Share this blog post with your friends.
****Do ALL of the first three to be eligible for the Sherlock Holmes giveaway
4. As a bonus entry, like Lynn’s Facebook author page.
5. As a bonus entry, subscribe to our blog.
6. And one last bonus entry, join our mailing list.

We know some of you have already done numbers 4-6. If you have, please tell us that in the comments, and we’ll give you credit.

NOTE: We do have copies of the real  “The Essence of Courage” now; Find it on Amazon.

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