What Will I Find in “The Essence of Courage”? Part 2

Promised several days ago as a “tomorrow” post — obviously not. With some publishing modifications in place, The Essence of Courage, now resides in its new place on Amazon. It’s rankings are high in its category, and that is exciting! It means lots of you have been grabbing a copy. THANK YOU! Have you grabbed a friend or two to share the adventure with you? The lessons are great for small groups, too.

The last post presented a glance into how Cinnamah-Brosia and her friends appear in The Essence of Courage, offering their personal stories of the fruit of the Spirit impacting their lives. And now for other ways these fruit, along with spices, and essential oils representing them, are featured. This is an excerpt from the “Hints for Using this Inspirational Volume” section.

  • The Essence in Scripture: a devotion that speaks of the fruit, spice or oil in context of Scripture. All personal stories included in “The Essence in Scripture” sections are drawn from the author’s own experiences, and are true.
  • A Woman of the Bible Displays the Fruit: a devotion featuring a woman of the Bible whose story exemplifies that particular fruit of the Spirit. All personal stories included in “A Woman of the Bible Displays the Fruit” sections are drawn from the author’s own experiences, and are true.
  • Essence Droplets: a collection of fun facts about each fruit, oil or spice; and “Your Turn” — practical ways for you to incorporate them into your world.

Residing between the lines of the Bible stories are real people like you and me. Consideration was made regarding how their lives may have been impacted by their culture and how they may have interacted with each other. Certainly, details may have been different than depicted, but the ones shared are definitely plausible.

A friend commented, “You have chosen different women than I would have to represent each fruit, but they connect perfectly. There’s something to learn from each one. Each fruit is needed at different times and in different circumstances. In these snapshots, we see each woman of the Bible in a different light than the picture we may have in mind. We see each other in different lights, too. Thank you, Heavenly Father, You see us through the Light of Jesus.”

Excerpt Copyright 2016, Lynn U. Watson
Post Copyright 2017, Lynn U. Watson

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