What Do You Know about Pigeons?

Pigeons get the limelight in a few scenes in my novel, Tangled Promises. According to the Pigeon Control Resource Center, “Perception of the pigeon through the centuries has changed from God to devil and from hero to zero!” Pigeons and doves hail from the same bird family.

Doves in the Bible receive two significant mentions. The dove Noah sent out after the flood returning with the olive branch (Genesis 8:11)  and the dove descending upon Jesus following his baptism (Matthew 3:16).

Over the years, pigeons have carried messages, served as war heroes and their droppings (16th-18th centuries) proved a highly prized commodity for fertilizer. So much so, guards were posted to protect the dovecoats from thieves.

More than one pigeon has been a war hero. One story has it, a pigeon named GI Joe received a medal for bravery when he carried a message during WWII that averted a major disaster.

Today, we mostly think of pigeons as a big nuisance, particularly in cities.

In Tangled Promises, set in the 1880s, the pigeons are much more a problem than a help. I’ll keep you guessing for now. Tangled Promises releases December 28, 2023.

Be sure to read the article about the Pigeons: 21 Amazing Facts About Pigeons. You will be amazed at what you learn–like pigeons have a significant position on Wall Street.


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Pigeon photo from Pixabay.

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